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Blog Directory
Checking out blogs made easy. Tags, categories, country, language, groups – find blogs of interest quickly.

Button Maker
Fiddling around with Photoshop or any other graphics editor can be a pain. Make 80×15 or 88×13 buttons with a few clicks.

Track what links are being clicked on by your users, how often they are clicked, and what pages they are clicked from.

The best way to keep track of your visitors. Not only does it provide the normal statistics found with other stat counter sites, it meshes up with Google Maps to show where your visitors are coming from.

PageRank Checker
Google’s PageRank is a way of ranking how important a site is. Check and show off your PR to your site’s visitors.

Protect your email from spamming spiders. Javascript protection to foil them all.

Finding blogs that you want to read is not easy – too much noise out there! Blog Flux Suggest makes finding interesting blogs an easy and quick experience. Best of all – no spam

其中觉得蛮有??的一个是MapState,统计得蛮详细,使用了Google map的数?的.看上去蛮舒?.BlogDirectory是Blog分类统计的?务,似乎跟当年的得工作一样,?知?有多少Blogger愿?去登记呢.其他的?务都蛮有用的.也很实在.

看?现在Spammer?其猖狂噢,blogflux.com上?但有专门的邮件?护的?务??供,在推??Blog的介?最?一?还说了”Best of all – no spam”…

最?让我感兴趣的地方是,它的Make Button功能,去?试了一下,?现?以造出很多自己想?的按钮,虽然说样??调了些,但应付一下和自娱自?总是足够的.于是?了两个规格的LOGO,有兴趣的?以替?一下我的链接.

80 x 31   57

80 x 15   56




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