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今天的Washinton Post报?了哈尔滨市?水4天的政府行为.

“All of these problems are caused by the government,” one man growled as he struggled to carry a huge red bucket of water back to his apartment. He began to say more, but his wife cut him off as a local official walked over, loudly praising the ruling Communist Party.

?知?这个细节??写是客观的报?还是为了?出政府的?良行政.?过在现在的情况看,事件处?得??时,确实是?水事件的主?原因.而且人们似乎对行政管?人员处于一?警惕的状?,现在的言论氛围还????年?么?报?中的妇女?但”cut him off”,还”loudly praising”…无语.

Reached by phone, an environmental official in Songyuan, a city of more than 400,000 located between Jilin and Harbin, confirmed that officials there were told of the spill but chose to keep it secret. The official, who asked to be identified only by a surname, Li, said the city shut off the part of its water system that is linked to the river but told the public it was just doing repairs.


it was reasonable that residents had doubts about the city’s promise to resume pumping safe water on Monday. “People don’t believe it,” she said. “Everyone wants to store more water, just to be safe.”



这个学期有个选修???机干预策略,看报?也有个?业?机公关. 尽力完善?.



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