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A suicidal eighth grader who pulled a handgun in class and briefly took another child hostage was shot by a SWAT team member Friday when he later threatened deputies, Seminole County officials said.

事件?生在美国Milwee中学,虽然没有人?伤并且事情得到控制.但是现场的警长说:”had not confirmed whether the gun the boy had was real or a toy.”

对一个用枪,?管真?,劫??几???学,并且?时?喊??going to kill himself的学生?说,射击或许?失为一个有用的?法??知?如果?开枪,会?会?是执法?利,或者校园枪击的例?.

The boy was taken to the hospital. His condition was unknown.


Update: 因伤势过?,其家人已?实被击伤学生死亡.The eighth-grade student has died of his injuries,news from here

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